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Dan Dailey


I am a web enthusiast turned freelance developer/designer living in Lakeside, California. I started building websites as a kid in high school and have been at it ever since. In my years as a professional I've yet to encounter a problem I couldn't solve.


Code Artist - I write clean, efficient, maintainable, and relatively bug-free code... something I'm proud of.

Big Picture Guy - I always endeavor to ask "why" and know the answer before coding.

Likeable - I'm articulate, fairly easy to work with, and more interested in solving problems than being right.

UI Designer - I have a knack for designing intuitive user interfaces.

Some SEO Skills - I've had a good deal of success pumping sites up in the engines.

Generally Rounded Web Guy - Web marketing, server maintenance, security breach forensics... I've done quite a bit.


WingStuff.com sells parts & accessories for Honda Gold Wing motorcycle enthusiasts. I've helped build it from ground zero to the most successful shop in it's industry. (http://wingstuff.com/)

Wetzel & Sons Moving and Storage is a full service moving and storage company. (http://wetzelmoving.com/)



Song management and worship set planning tool for church worship leaders. PraiseTools was also originally built for personal use, but shows potential for being something much more.

A simple website for Rubik's Cube speedsolving enthusiasts receiving nearly 5000 visits per day by people worldwide. CubeTimer was originally created for my own personal use then successfully used to experiment with various SEO and marketing techniques.

About Me

I want to work with cool people on cool projects, to solve challenging problems in a way I can feel proud of, and to learn from people smarter than myself. I've had a good run as a freelancer and have done some cool stuff, but I'm looking for the opportunity to put more of my skills to use on a large project with a team of skilled developers working toward a common goal.


Graduated from the CIS program at Coleman College in 2000 with a 3.98 GPA, Magna Cum Laude, Dean's List


Husband of one, father of four, musician, worship leader & church elder, Apple fanboi, & Rubik's Cube addict.